I work in Wellington, New Zealand building open source e-learning software. From February I'll be working remotely from San Pancho, Mexico.


Back in the late 90s I involved with a web dev site called It was fun being part of a community, helping people out, posting articles, building entries for the5k and coming up with CSS hacks. I'd like to do it again!

What's coming?

Who knows, some funny web experiments, a bunch of crazy half baked ideas. Or nothing. We'll see...


In Mexico

28th February 2015

We'e arrived in the wonderful town of San Pancho, Narayit, Mexico. I'm sitting in our back yard, listening to the music festival happening in a nearby square. The town is awesome, I've found some fast internet for work and we've got some options for a house, car and childcare. I start my time as a remoter on Monday!

Getting it out there

6th December 2014

When it comes to my web projects I'm too much of a perfectionist. I don't like to hit publish on something until it's completely finished, which of course, it never is. My laptop's ~/code folder is littered with experiments and projects that never saw the light of day, either because they needed just one more thing, or I spent too long on the details and never got to finishing the basics.

So one thing I like about the unapologetic lo-fi-ness of tilde club is that it frees you from being perfect. My aim is to treat this space as a scratchpad and never let perfection get in the way of getting it out there.

As if to prove it to myself, here we go, I'm starting to blog without (shock horror) thoroughly researching static site generators. Hmm, it's more fun already.

What else is there on

5th December 2014

I was curious too, so far not too much. There is a list of people here for all you stalkers out there. I am impressed by the semantic correctness and mobile friendliness of pete's placeholder HTML, we can expect great things no doubt. Kelly would win the prize for most content but redirects don't count (sorry) so I think it goes to Ernesto for now (or me, what do I win?). Steffi and daniel are people of few words. moishe and brad are both good photographers with cute kids.